24 Settembre 2023

Emilio Brizzi

Emilio Brizzi (Parma, Italy, 1962): Italian born and raised, Emilio started in photography in 1982 assisting industrial and commercial photographers eventually to open his own studio in Amsterdam in 1991. On a broad base of experience his track record shows versatility in adapting to each assignment both in creative and technical respect, the better to meet the needs of corporate clients. Stills, people and location work spanning over a period that has seen the change from analog to digital photography and the introduction of Photoshop. Furthermore he has worked on many personal projects, leading to the publication of several books, articles for the professional press, contribution to the European Polaroid Collection and culminating in two photo books on Amsterdam, one in classic black and white that won him international praise and the latest in color for National Geographic.In recent years Emilio has eased out of most commercial work, a personal choice born out of the wish to focus on experimental photography, reportage, travel and teaching to adults and children.“Se é vero che si impara dagli errori, credo di avere parecchio da insegnare.” Emilio Brizzi